Sydney Fat Studies Conference

Wow, that was AMAZING!  It was an extraordinary couple of days, incredibly nourishing intellectually, emotionally, and physically (all those fatty hugs)!

It was wonderful to hang out with a bunch of awesome fats and allies, some of whom I knew already, some of whom I knew on the internets, some of whom I’ve been admiring from afar, and some who I met for the first time.  I now have a bunch of new friends on facebook and twitter and in real life.

It was a little scary to give my first conference paper outside of my uni, and to chair panels for the first time, but I think it went well.  It was fantastic to hear other papers which connect with my work and inspire me in new directions.  I want to post a write-up in the next couple of days, but we’ll see how that goes time-wise.  There’s so much I really do want to say, though!

The Bodies Abound art and performance night was completely, utterly, unbelievably amazing.  There was a bunch of beautiful fatty art on the walls, and some great spoken word performances.  Jenny Lee’s memoir piece had me crying and unable to stop.  I even read a story I wrote a couple of years ago, which was heaps of fun – it’s been so long since I’ve done anything ‘creative’ (not that academic work isn’t creative, or isn’t at least as invested with my identity, but it is different).

It was extraordinary to hang out in fat space for what I realised was the first time.  I’ve come back inspired, energised, excited.

One of the things that was most inspiring was the Fat Femme Front/Aquaporko panel, which has me wanting to start a Melbourne chapter of Aquaporko (fat femme synchronised swimming).  It will be FABULOUS!  If you’re interested in being part of it, comment or email me, and I’ll let you know the deets – once they get worked out.  Natalie is starting up the Brisbane chapter, so if you’re in Brisbane, you should totes get in contact with her.  Also, no matter where you are, hop on over and have a look at her fabulous photos of Aquaporko and other fab fatties from the conference.

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  1. Love the idea of Aquaporko! Sounds amazing fun. One question though – is it for femmes only or can fatty butches come along?

    1. That’s a good question, and I’m pretty sure the answer is yes. In fact, I’m making the answer yes, because I can (I’m not usually this autocratic, and have no intention of running the group that way).

      The the original Sydney group comes out of the Fat Femme Front, and I think they’re doing some important stuff about femme – and fat – visibility by identifying it as a femme group (and as a bi femme in a relationship with a cis man, visibility is definitely an issue for me). I guess I’ve also been making assumptions because the whole idea of doing ballet in the water seems to me to be intrinsically, spectacularly femmey…but that doesn’t necessarily translate to gender identity, or even other people’s perspective on the whole thing.

      So yes, you’re totally welcome to join, and I’ll re-word the group info to be more inclusive.

  2. Has anyone posted anything on fatties who get pregnant? My recent experience is that I was/am a fattie but now I’m also 3 months pregnant and the stupid thing is that maternity clothes only go from size 10-16 where I live, so it means you have to be skinny in the first place to fit into the maternity clothes once your fat. They don’t even make maternity bra’s bigger than a 16C if you can believe it! I object. Since when don’t fatties get pregnant?? This is ridiculous! I object. So if I want to cover my bulge when I actually start showing (as I’m fat, and at 3 months have not started to show yet) then I have to buy big tents from fatties clothes shops with orange purple polka dots on them! 🙁

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